The Everyday Creative Club
The Everyday Creative Club

The Everyday Creative Club

Uncover Your Inner Artist!


Hey there, Curious Creators! 🌸 Welcome to your new favorite haven of inspiration and encouragement: The Everyday Creative Club!

Ever felt that tiny spark of creativity nudging you but didn't know where to turn? Well, friend, you've just found your people! 🎨 We're a kindred sisterhood led by Caroline Simas—that's me!—and I've been living and breathing art for over 19 years.

But what makes us truly special? This is where your creativity gets to play, laugh, and soar. Whether you're taking your first hesitant steps into the art world or you've been a maker for years, this community will wrap you in a warm, welcoming hug. 🌟

Under my guidance, you won't just explore—you'll flourish. We'll dive into different creative outlets, experiment with new techniques, and just have a blast. And the cherry on top? An uplifting atmosphere where we celebrate each other's masterpieces and milestones like they're our own. Because, frankly, they are. 🥳

So if you're craving an inclusive, nurturing space where you can truly be yourself while painting, sketching, or crafting your heart out, you've found it. Can't wait to go on this beautiful journey with you! 🩷


🌸 Unleash Your Inner Artist: Ever felt that creative itch but didn't know how to scratch it? In this community, you get to explore, experiment, and elevate your artistic talents, no matter where you're starting from.

🎨 Personalized Guidance: With me, Caroline Simas, as your creative guide, you'll never feel lost in the artistic maze. I bring 19 years of professional art experience and a teaching style that meets you where you are.

🌟 Your Safe Haven for Creativity: Our space is not just safe—it's empowering. Free from judgment, filled with encouragement, and open to all women. This is where your artistic dreams find their wings.

👭 A Tribe that Vibes: It's not just about art; it's about community. Connect, collaborate, and cheer with a group of like-minded women who 'get' the beauty and therapeutic power of creating.

💖 Celebrate Every Milestone: Did you finish your first painting? Master a tough technique? We’re here to celebrate with you! Every win, no matter how small, gets a standing ovation here.

🛠️ Unlock New Skills: Looking to expand your artistic toolkit? Our club offers access to exclusive tutorials, resources, and pro tips that can help you experiment and refine your talents.

💌 Never-Ending Inspiration: Our community feeds your soul with a constant flow of creative nudges, encouraging stories, and artistic challenges to keep the sparks flying.

💫 You're More Than a Member; You're a Muse: Every woman brings something unique to our artistic tapestry. Here, your creativity contributes to a collective masterpiece we all get to be a part of.


I can't wait to see you inside The Everyday Creative Club!